Your story

What’s your story? Pin your place as a silent memory to where you met, a marker for your roots, to show what you stand for, as a reminder of your plans and dreams or as a trophy of your travel. A Barentszs scarf is A SCARF TO TELL A STORY. Your story. We give you the pattern, you provide the place. Mark your spot on the Barentsz Urban Fabric scarf with one of the uniquely designed pins. And please share your story with us on facebook!

The city

It is not just a system of streets to work in, to meet each other or to travel through. The city is both activity and rest, memories and opportunities, A PLACE AND A PATTERN. It’s this place and pattern that forms Barentsz Urban Fabric. Located in the capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Barentsz Urban Fabric is 100% DUTCH DESIGN, founded by Mirjam Hagoort and Marjolein Peters, urban designer an a visual artist. The concept of Barentsz Urban Fabric consists of a scarf and a set of pins: 

The scarf

A Barentsz Urban Fabric scarf shows the beauty of a city plan. The pure pattern of streets and blocks is best shown in basic black and white. We have added our own design to the city plan to enhance the GRAPHIC QUALITY. When you wear it, the fabric falls in a flow, so that the map is not literally visible but provides a strong design. The different map sections have a frame and rim in a colour and texture that defines particular qualities of the city. Choose the one that suits you. See the store for our various designs.

The pins

It’s the pins that MAKE IT PERSONAL. Each scarf comes with a set to mark your spot. The pin can hold your scarf in place just the way you wrap it. More important: the pins symbolize events, plans, memories or more if you pin them to that special place. A pin is the eye catcher of your scarf with which you show your story.

Like the CHARMS ON A BRACELET, you can wear one or all, and collect more over time. Most of our pins are handmade by already used materials. Some we have collected at MooiZooi. We also collaborate with Kunstwerkplaats who will be creating some beautiful ceramic pins in a limited edition. Soon to arrive!

We will also launch Limited Editions for special events, from a newborn baby to a fashion show, a new office or a memorable hotel.

– Wish to wear your own map as a scarf? Don’t hesitate to contact us for information!
– Your scarf is made with digital printing techniques. It uses half the ink of screen printing and results in far less water consumption and waste.